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Letter From The Owners Desk

I established this business in 2014. As a recently divorced overcomer of Domestic Violence, I found it was necessary for me to re-establish my circumstance, life, and most importantly, myself. Through admittance, acceptance, and advisement, I realized the need to restore my credit, to secure a roof over my children’s heads as well as employment that would allow me to work around the care of my four minor children. 


It was through this struggle that I came to realize the flexibility needed could best be achieved by being my own boss. The realization dawned on me that utilizing my background in business management, my experience in finance, and my years of life challenges and victories was a great combination of an impeccable business solution.


As a remarried survivor of domestic violence with 2 additional children, my next step was to identify a plan that permitted me to live my passion of enlightening, and uplifting people while gratifying my desire to serve and empower others. An Empire was formed. This is the natural manifestation of my professional expertise, experiences, and passion.


We first launched our credit division and initially focused all resources on developing this area. The knowledge of navigating the restoration industry is one that I found myself sharing over and over. I now lead a team of professionals, brokers, and affiliates equally committed to assisting individuals and businesses in building and creating enduring legacies.


We have combined our credit solutions program with a selection of additional services to encourage, motivate and create sustainable success for our clients. Whether it’s helping individuals to move past living with bad credit and debt to providing business owners and organizations with operational solutions for day-to-day functions, we are here to move your strategies from conceptualization into action.


Many positive changes have been made since we first started our credit program, TLA Credit Solutions, a few short years ago. Under our brand name TLA Consulting Group Inc., we still have our great credit services, however, we have diversified our services to reach new markets.


That means we have introduced unique capabilities to provide competitive advantages in the marketplace in order to deliver increased value to our existing customers.  We have also increased our advisory role with our clients to enable them to optimize their personal and/or organizational strategies and contribute to our continued growth.


The A-Team Professionals is a privately owned, minority-owned, woman-owned company and we embrace diversity and inclusiveness in every facet of our operations. We have known from the very beginning what some companies are just now “strategizing;” the world is made up of all types of people with various talents and skillsets, each with incredible contributions to make.


We understand that hiring qualified people of diverse backgrounds and learning from them, adds to our excellence, strengthens our company and enriches us as human beings. We refuse to allow discriminatory practices to enter into our company’s culture and core values of open communication, sharing of ideas and respecting one another’s differences.


With the capabilities we have in place, we are able to reach a wider and more diverse market with advisory, consulting, support services, strategy implementation, and educational services. We help our and clients and our stakeholders focus on what matters most to them and obtain their future goals.


Take time to learn more about our mission and values as we strive to be an integral part of the communities in which we serve.


Thank you for your interest.




Mrs. A. Raffington


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