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Survive and Thrive – Making Business Personal

An Introduction to the Principles, Power and Person Behind the TLA Consulting.

I was having one of those days when nothing seemed to be going right. I had an

appointment which I tried to cancel for the third time. I knew it was important for me

to take this step towards managing my life; however, I was reluctant. Maybe it would really

mean I was on my own again–truly on my own and responsible for plotting my path

and flying solo. It had to be done, but I kept putting it off. I called again, and this time I was

gently urged to keep the appointment.

So when I walked into a bright, cheery, airy office, very warmly greeted and welcomed

with openness and one of those big, beautiful, confident smiles that light up the world,

never mind the office, I felt the great weight of my unease slip its firm hold on my

shoulders. Introductions were made and as I gradually, painfully explained my situation,

I felt a connection that I had not experienced with a total stranger in a very long time.

Here was a lady, a woman of God, who immediately showed empathy, concern, and

what felt like genuine interest in what was going on with me.

Before I knew it, Mrs. Goodwin had helped me develop a strategy to move forward and

to regain control of my finances and ultimately my life. All of this happened within a couple

of hours. Remember she is the CEO of a business but she did not rush me out of her

office, did not once look at the time, did not make me feel uncomfortable or that I was imposing in any way–something I am always particularly keen to avoid. Instead I felt a

connection which went very deep. We had shared experiences. She understood my hurt

and my fears.

It turns out that Mrs. Goodwin was a Survivor. For years she was subject to domestic

violence at the hands of her ex-husband and father of her children. Finally, she had found the strength, courage, and faith to flee with her small children, and travel across a number of states to start over on her own. Not only did she survive many challenges, hardships, and frustrations, but with fierce, determined, persistent, and diligent, hard work she was now thriving. This was her business: TLA Consulting. This

was her Office–fully staffed with experienced, committed professionals sharing her vision of inspiring, empowering, and supporting individuals to fulfill their full potential in achieving financial independence both in business and in their personal lives.

In particular, Mrs. Goodwin knows that survival is the first victory over adversity of any kind. It is the acceptance of this triumph that will transition the mind and soul into the reality that it is possible to be all that one was created to be. It is never too late to strategize and implement a plan of action that will bring independence, growth, personal

development, increased financial stability, and ultimately restore self-esteem and renew self-worth.

These are the elements needed to thrive in all areas of life: personal, professional, or

business. The living proof of this is the very existence of TLA Consulting,

established by Mrs. Goodwin and successfully achieving continued growth and success

year by year. Mrs. Goodwin not only remarried a wonderful, loving, supportive

gentleman, but her family was further blessed by the addition of two more children.

TLA Consulting is built on a foundation of strong faith: faith that love conquers

all; love for our Creator; love for oneself. Then, with those two in their proper place,

love for others. “Love,” says our CEO, Mrs. A. Goodwin, “will motivate and fuel words,

attitudes, conduct, and actions to assist, encourage, teach, inspire, and empower others

not only to survive, but to thrive in all walks of life.”

[Written by Zaidie Crowe LLM. Consultant at TLA Consulting. March 1,


On this Blog Page, TLA Consulting will be sharing information about our

company, our products and services, as well as talking with you about the things that

drive our passion to help you THRIVE, GROW, and PROSPER in your business ventures

as you work to achieve personal and financial prosperity. If you are interested in starting

your own business, becoming financially independent, developing and growing an

existing company, or you are on the look-out for opportunities to be your own boss,

please fill in the form below and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you

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